Nuvita Biscuits
Serve up a tropical melding of textures and flavors; whip it up ahead of time so it can chill.

1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon sugar
4 ounces sour cream
6 ounces mini marshmallows, approximately 3 cups
1 cup clementine orange segments, approximately 6 clementines
1 cup chopped fresh pineapple
1 cup freshly grated coconut
1 cup toasted, chopped pecans
1/2 cup drained maraschino cherries


Place the cream and sugar into the bowl of a stand mixer with the whisk attachment and whip until stiff peaks are formed. Add the sour cream and whisk to combine. Add the marshmallows, orange, pineapple, coconut, pecans and cherries and stir to combine. Transfer to a glass serving bowl, cover and place in the refrigerator for 2 hours before serving.

Recipe Comments

  1. posted by Mr SoLo DoLo on Mar 26, 2013

    I have seen several recipes for ambrosia salad. Some have sour cream and some have whipped topping (along with marshmallow and coconut) Which is better tasting? How about blending both? Anyone tried both?

  2. posted by Oilers on Mar 26, 2013

    The land is a wooded lot of about 3 acres on Charleston Ambrosia, WV. It has Kanawha River frontage. The owners name is Jim Upton. The neighbors say that the lot is for sale. The phone number they gave me has been disconnected.

  3. posted by Paul M on Mar 26, 2013

    I really want to make ambrosia on the Sims 3 to see what will happen if my sim eats it, but I can’t find the ingredients anywhere.

  4. posted by mmminja on Mar 26, 2013

    I was watching a rerun of the 1980’s sitcom “Mama’s Family” she mentioned Ambrosia Cake and it peaked my curiosity as to what it is and how it is made. Can anyone please inform me and provide recipies for it. Are there different variations of it? Thank you!

  5. posted by Heath on Mar 26, 2013

    I need to look at a good image of both the male and female Birch Ambrosia Beetle (Trypodendron betulae). If no one knows, then where is a good website for looking at different types of classified beetles?

  6. posted by mike s on Mar 26, 2013

    Ambrosia make both but what is the difference? Tastes the same to me…

  7. posted by unbleevable39 on Mar 26, 2013

    I would really like to write a story that involves three youths; Nectar an Eastern Christian, Ambrosia a Reform Jew, and Anastasium a Middle-Eastern Muslim.

    The story of course is a fantastic journey between other worlds and mythical kingdoms.

    But how do I make balanced and without stating that one faith is better than the rest?

  8. posted by PIE BOY on Mar 26, 2013

    Okay so one of my sims Mei is dating a guy Daryl. She’s a young adult 13 days away from growing up and I just barely found that Daryl is 6 days away from being a terrible old man. Another one of my sims is a master chef and has prepaired ambrosia before and I have a life fruit but no death fish and he only has 4 fishing skills. What can I do to make Daryl younger?

  9. posted by Denali on Mar 26, 2013

    What is says above ^^

    The book is about a girl named Ambrosia (Amber) Who was a Vampire her whole life, but she doesn’t know it until she moves to a little town in Maine. (Any other cold/shady states Vampires might live in other than Forks, Washington? I’m stuck :P) Then she meet a group of vampires who hint to her what she really is. There is more to it but that’s basically it. Help?

  10. posted by Gabriel Kenney on Mar 26, 2013

    We are having a cookout this weekend and I really want to make Ambrosia – and I have noticed that some recipes use sour cream and others use cool whip. I was wondering which tastes better? I’ve had it once, and I am assuming it was made with cool whip b/c it was very sweet (and very good). BUT, I’ve never made it myself. Could you combine the two or is that gross? And finally, is it better to make it the night before (to let the flavors marinate and what not)? Thanks ahead of time!

  11. posted by Splash Log Level 2 Again on Mar 26, 2013

    I want to serve Ambrosia salad at a dinner party I’m having next weekend, but if I were to purchase it pre-made at the store, it would be very expensive; a small portion of 300 grams was $3. If I want to serve it to 20+ people, that would cost a fortune! Anyway, I need a really good recipe that will be tasty and easy to make. Thanks!!

  12. posted by therundown2k3 on Mar 26, 2013

    I’ve got a mandarin tree out back; and I want to make some recipes to put the mandarins into. I remember having ambrosia fruit salad before I came down here to Aust.; and my hubby’s never even heard of it; it’s great stuff; and I’d like to put some of the mandarines to use in an ambrosia salad. I’ve done a search on yahoo; but does anyone have some tried and true ambrosia salad recipes? I want to really treat my hubby with it; lol, he doesn’t know what he’s been missing; I do, and I’d like to make some for us.
    Thanks in advance!
    I need some recipes with fresh manderins, not canned. Thanks!

  13. posted by Jason on Mar 26, 2013

    I lost a notebook with some of my favorite recipes recently. Included were several of Ambrosia’s recipes that were featured in the Save-a-center sales ads in the later nineties(I think) in the Louisiana/Mississippi area. Does anyone know where I might find them online or elsewhere?

  14. posted by mal_functiongeo on Mar 26, 2013

    I’m having company this weekend and really want to make an Ambrosia Salad, but don’t have a lot of free prep time right before, so I was hoping to make it today, but I don’t know how far in advance you can make it without spoiling, or if you can freeze it.

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