Crown Roast of Lamb

Nuvita Biscuits

2 racks lamb, 6 to 8 ribs each, approximately 1 1/2 to 2-pounds each
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
6 cloves garlic, minced
4 teaspoons fresh thyme, chopped
1 1/2 teaspoons ground coriander
1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons sherry vinegar
1/2 to 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/2 to 1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary leaves


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.
To french the racks of lamb:

Make a cut on the fat side of the ribs, perpendicular to them, about 2 1/2-inches down from the rib ends. Cut through the fat down to the rib bones.

Turn the rack on end, with the bones facing up and push a knife through the flesh between each rib, using the initial cut as a guide for the knife. Cut down the side of each rib to remove the excess fat in between each rib. Using strong kitchen twine, wrap the twine around each rib at the base, nearest the meat and pull to remove all of the remaining fat and sinew from the rib bone.

Bend each rack into a semicircle (meat side in and fat side out) and using kitchen twine tie them together at the base and center, in order to hold the racks together. The rib ends should be pushed outward to create the look of a crown.

Rub the lamb with the olive oil. Combine the salt, pepper, garlic, thyme and coriander and press all over the lamb. Place the roast in a Bundt pan with the center of the pan coming up through the middle of the roast.

Place on the middle rack of the oven and cook for 30 to 35 minutes, until the meat reaches an internal temperature of 130 degrees F. This is approximately 8 to 12 minutes per pound. Remove from the oven, transfer the roast to a rack, cover with aluminum foil and let the meat rest for 20 minutes. While the meat is resting add the sherry vinegar, mustard and rosemary to the juices that accumulated in the Bundt pan while cooking. Stir to combine. Taste and adjust seasoning, as needed. Cut the string away from the roast and place cooked stuffing, rice or barley in the center if desired. Serve the warm sauce with the roast.


Recipe Comments

  1. posted by Random on Mar 25, 2013

    and how do you make it into that crown shape?
    I need a recipe. How long do I cook it for? And what we have now is not in that round shape like a crown. Do we cut the ribs apart and reassemble them into a round crown shape? I’ve never done this before.

  2. posted by Taylor2k on Mar 25, 2013

    Any easy recipe would be appreciated.

  3. posted by Krazy Bob on Mar 25, 2013

    Italian christmas dinner? Is it diffrent from the tradirional ham potatoes etc.

  4. posted by RuMKilleR on Mar 25, 2013

    its for a cook off i got 2 do at college
    i go 2 choose1 of the above

  5. posted by stingerms on Mar 25, 2013

    What are these white things?

    I need to know the little white things on the end of the bones. People put this on turkey leg bones as well. What are they called and where can u get them?

  6. posted by United on Mar 25, 2013

    I found this recipe for a “Poached Fish in Spicy Tomato Sauce,” and i need ground cilantro but i can find any at my local food store and the recipe calls for “Harissa,” wich is made of

    10-12 dried red chili peppers
    3 cloves garlic, minced
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    1 teaspoon ground coriander
    1 teaspoon ground caraway seeds
    1/2 teaspoon cumin

    Heres 2 links for more inf on my question;

    I would really apreciate it if some one could help me with this.

  7. posted by Mackenzie P on Mar 25, 2013

    I need some help. For thanksgiving dinner, we had ham because we were tired of turkey. Now that Christmas has come, we have no clue what to have for Christmas dinner. Please help.

    P.S. No Ham OR Turkey

  8. posted by hank baseballs on Mar 25, 2013

    all cuts form the lamb are tender???

    Which of the following concering lamb is unture?? frenching is a method of trimming lamb rack or chops?? spring lamb is lam slaughtered between march and May or Muttion is sheep slaughtered after teh age of one year??

  9. posted by zaclo on Mar 25, 2013

    We are moving to Jamaica this summer. My husband and daughter are huge meat eaters. They love lamb chops, delmonicos, roast beef, crown roasts. Does anyone know of a company in Jamaica that sells these types of upscale meats or a company that ships in dry ice so it’s still good when it gets to me?

  10. posted by Xbox Gamer on Mar 25, 2013

    Homographs are words that are spelled the same but mean something else. My teacher said I needed 20 and I have 12 so please help me!

    THANKS(if u do)

  11. posted by Michael on Mar 25, 2013

    I need to come up with a comedy ‘heavenly menu’ for a piece of english c/w I’m editing. It’s all based in heaven and is really rather cynical lol

    Quality meals needed most, deserts are easier ie jesus fritters or angel delight/cakes.


  12. posted by Ryan Dunn on Mar 25, 2013

    I am growing coriander in a wooden planter, just wondered if there was a way of making it last a bit longer, before it goes to seed.

  13. posted by Dr Dorian on Mar 25, 2013

    im cooking for 15 adults and 4 children and cant decide on prime rib or ribye roast im also wondering what size to get and maybe a recipe,im also serving crab with dinner.any suggestions ?
    i live on the west coast about 20 minutes from sf in the east bay so i think we will be doing whole dungeness crab steamed with garlic and lemons so it sounds like prime rib will be the most affordable.would it be ok to marinade it possibly with some port wine and rosemary i seen some good recipes but im always looking for more and should i cook it covered or uncovered?

  14. posted by Mak Sultan on Mar 25, 2013

    besides the big ones like christmas and stuff. like one time in september was elephant appreciation day, etc

  15. posted by Superman on Mar 25, 2013

    I need to know the little white things on the end of the bones. People put this on turkey leg bones as well. What are they called and where can u get them?

  16. posted by turg143 on Mar 25, 2013

    We’re doing a decade project on the 1980’s for my history class and we want to bring in some food that has something to do with the 1980’s. Any suggestions on what I can make?

  17. posted by HASTHEANSWERS on Mar 25, 2013

    we want somthing different this year insted of turkey

  18. posted by Derek on Mar 25, 2013

    Cost doesn’t matter at all, I have access to an excellent vintner so……First course is:
    Lobster starter, with a creamy champagne sauce (actually we can drink champagne with that
    Main course:
    Roast Crown of lamb with rosemary and garlic, redcurrent jus, baby new potatoes and asparagus
    Lemony raspberry cheesecake

  19. posted by ademuth93 on Mar 25, 2013

    Also is oregano known by any other names????? also if coriander can be substituted for oregano for pizza
    Oh! One more thing, I am particularly interested to know in relation to coriander (from India).

    My question is still in same context …please just read coriander as Indian coriander
    Also, I wanted to know if Oregano (the one for the pizza) can be grown here in India.????

  20. posted by sarah w on Mar 25, 2013

    This my first baby & i wana know how everyone pregnancy qoinq & how biq my baby is nw … like an actual size .

  21. posted by Roar me R on Mar 25, 2013

    What foods were really popular in the 1920s? Something I can make and bring to school for a project…

    Thanks! =)

  22. posted by Shay H on Mar 25, 2013

    I know that the Primal cuts would be:


    What would a fabricated cut from each be?

  23. posted by kiltakblog on Mar 25, 2013

    between types of lamb meat (rack of lamb, Loin, and etc), Veal, and beef/steak (any part/types of meat or steak), which one is the most expensive?

  24. posted by SteveO on Mar 25, 2013


  25. posted by gail C on Mar 25, 2013

    I recently got this cook book called “A Feast of Ice and Fire” which has recipes of meals from the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin.

    On the cover there seems to be 2 dishes that are not mentioned in the book. Can anyone identify these meals?

  26. posted by andresumoza on Mar 25, 2013

    I live in Bangalore , India. I have been trying to grow coriander and mint at home for the last 6 week unsuccessfully. The Coriander seed never seem to germinate in the soil and the mint cuttings (got from the grocery store near by) wilt and never root in the pot…

    Can you please tell me the right way to grow there herbs.

  27. posted by Jonny on Mar 25, 2013

    what will you be making???

  28. posted by nathan on Mar 26, 2013

    Seared king prawns with garlic, lime and coriander leaves, salad garnish

    Crown roast of lamb with rosemary and red currant jus,
    Baby new potatoes with the skins on and a selection of lightly steamed spring vegetables with butter

    Now for pud should i do something chocolatey, say make a chocolate ‘box’ with melted choc and fill it with mocha (coffee and chocolate) mousse OR

    Brandy snap baskets filled with lemon sorbet and fresh raspberries and strawberries?
    I’ll go with the majority. Everything will be home made
    Teddybear….I’m not using any spices! Just herbs and a touch of garlic on the prawns

  29. posted by Balla on Mar 26, 2013

    For the past few years I have made a stuffed Crown Pork Roast for Christmas Eve dinner. Before that I have made Prime Rib, Turkey, Ham, or a combination thereof. My side dishes have varied from year to year, and have included creamed corn, Parmesan mashed potatoes, roasted rosemary potatoes, green salad, carrots, and asparagus.

    This year I want to come up with something new. My husband likes to serve something a little more elegant at Christmas Eve while we have the family sitting together. There are usually about a dozen of us all together. Any suggestions (and recipes!) would be greatly appreciated.

    I know it may seem early to be making this decision, but I like to get my plan together early.


  30. posted by andresumoza on Mar 26, 2013

    Just a fun question. What are your plans for NYE? Where will you be location wise? Is this a special NYE??

    I’m 25, living in VA…I’ll be spending this NYE with my husband (it’ll be our first NY as a married couple). We plan on having some friends over and playing beer pong. I’m making gummy bears soaked in vodka…should be pretty good! :) Hope you all have a fun & safe New Years! Here’s to 2012.

  31. posted by Hannah on Mar 26, 2013

    I am making chicken enchilada’s and it calls for 1 tsp of dried coriander, but I don’t have any and didn’t realize I needed any.

  32. posted by United on Mar 26, 2013

    Preferably alot of words not a few

  33. posted by clntvrrt on Mar 26, 2013

    Menu A: Fan of three different types of Melon,

    Crown Roast of Lamb, baby new potatoes, baby carrots and steamed brocolli.

    Fresh strawberries and cream

    Or Menu B

    Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce,

    Salmon fillet parcels with lemon and dill, baby new potatoes and mange tout,

    Fresh raspberry and lemon cheesecake

    Eveything will be home-cooked, they asked for a meal to leave room for a barbecue 8 hours later.

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