Dahi Vada

Nuvita Biscuits

Dahi vada is a popular indian snack. Most of the ingredients are readily available in the indian shops. Nice to have on a hot summer day.


For the vadas :

½ cup urad dal (split black gram lentils)
½ cup moong dal with the skin (split green gram lentils) or chana dal (split chick pea)
½ tsp cumin seeds
pinch of asafoetida (hing)
pinch of turmeric powder
½ tsp salt
1 tsp chilli paste
1 tsp ginger paste

oil for deep frying

For the yogurt base:

4 cups plain yogurt
1 tsp sugar
½ tsp salt
½ tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
10 to 12 curry leaves
1 tsp ghee or oil

about 1 cup date chutney (recipe below)

Garnishing :

¼ cup finely chopped fresh coriander
1 tsp cumin seed powder
1 tsp red chilli powder


  1. Soak both the lentils separately in warm water for 6 to 8 hours.
  2. Drain out the lentils into a sieve and wash it. I usually leave the skin of the lentils.
  3. Grind both coarsely and separately in a food processor or a liquidiser. If you use a liquidiser, use water sparingly as you don’t want a runny batter. Usually about ¾ to 1 cup of water is required to grind both the lentils. If you use the food processor then add the water to the batter.
  4. Mix both the coarsely ground lentils. Add to it the rest of the ingredients mentioned under vadas.
  5. Heat the oil for frying in a wok or karai. To test if its hot, put a tiny blob of the batter into the oil. If it comes up immediately, then the oil is ready.
  6. Take a steel soup spoon or tablespoon. Have a small bowl of water ready for dipping the spoon.
  7. Dip the spoon in the water and spoon the batter gently into the oil. Repeat till you have about 6 to 8 vadas in the oil. Lower the heat and fry them till they are light brown and crispy. Make sure you keep turning the vadas with a slotted spoon to cook them evenly on both sides. I find that after every 2 vadas I need to dip the spoon in the water. This only helps  the batter to slip off the spoon easily. Don’t fret, after a few trials, it becomes easier.
  8. Repeat step 7 till all the batter is over. In between don’t forget to whip the batter.
  9. Let the vadas cool.
  10. Just before serving, prepare the yogurt base. Heat the oil or ghee in a small pan. When it is hot, add the mustard, cumin and curry leaves. Once the leaves become crunchy, pour the oil mixture into the yogurt. Add salt and sugar and mix the yogurt till it is creamy.
  11. Take a wide pan. Fill it halfway with water. Heat the water. When it is just hot, take it off the heat.
  12. Add the vadas into the hot water. Let them soak for 5 minutes.
  13. Gently press each vada between your palm to remove the excess water.
  14. Arrange them into a deep serving dish.
  15. Pour the prepared yogurt over it.
  16. Garnish with the fresh coriander, cumin powder and chilli powder.
  17. Serve with date chutney and if you like then extra thin sev.

For date chutney :
1 cup dates, remove the seeds
½ cup tamarind, remove the seeds
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp cumin seeds
½ tsp salt
6 to 8 curry leaves
1½ cups water
1 tsp oil


  1. Wash the dates and tamarind.
  2. Put the dates, tamarind and water in a pan.Boil the mixture over medium heat till the dates and tamarind are soft.
  3. Cool the mixture. Remove any seeds and fibre that may have been left.
  4. Puree the mixture in a liquidiser. If need be, add a bit more water.
  5. Heat 1 tsp of oil in a small pan. Add the cumin seeds to it. When they pop,add the curry leaves and pour the whole mixture into the date puree.
  6. Add salt and red chilli powder. Mix well.
Tips :
  • If you are having guests over, prepare the vadas a day ahead and keep them in the fridge. Once you soak them in hot water they will become soft.
  • Can garnish with pomegranate seeds.
  • The amount of chilli used depends on you.
  • When you spoon the batter into the oil, make sure the tip of the spoon is touching the surface of the oil. Gently let the batter slid off as a blob into the oil. Let it come up on its own or after a while, give it a gentle nudge from the side with the slotted spoon for it to come up.
  • I find that when I need to fry bhajias,vadas etc, it is important to have the oil at least half way in the wok or karai.
  • make sure the oil is hot before preparing the next batch.



Recipe Comments

  1. posted by Jenna on Mar 17, 2013

    Hey in laws r coming over at my place…i m preparing few dishes before hand ….If i cook dahi vada’s today how many days I can keep them or store them……….SHould i store them in fridge or at normal temperature

  2. posted by RuMKilleR on Mar 18, 2013

    for a wedding.
    Any other suggestions? what things/ replacements might make it better?

    day 1 – engagement ceremony.
    welcome drinks and canapes-
    seekh kebab
    zeera chicken
    chicken pakora
    aloo tikki
    chinese veggie spring rolls
    Selection of 5 desserts (5 desserts served by way of buffet service)

    Engagement cake and wedding ring exchanging ceremony.

    main meal-
    Roast lamb ‘whole’ sajji garnished, decorated and presented on a large tray.
    Whole leg of lamb. steam, roast or tandoori.

    accompanied with, naan bread, zeera aloo/bombay aloo,
    mango chutney, mint chutney, cucumber raita.

    dessert – firni.- ground rice pudding.

    tea/ coffee – with white chocolate and chocolate wedding biscuits already on display.


    Day 2, the week after – the wedding ceremony.

    welcome drinks fresh juice bar, sparkling drinks, tea and coffee.
    fresh fruit stall – prepared fresh fruit on a display.
    channa chat bhelpuri and dahi vada stall.
    chocolate fountain, with 6 dips – strawberries, profiteroles, etc….
    traditional sweets – gulab jaman, ras gullah, jalebi, and barfi – this will also be served with tea after dinner.

    main meal –
    starters –
    seekh kebab
    tandoori chicken / chicken tikka?? ??
    lamb tikka with peppers and onions on skewers.

    main – chicken korma mild and creamy
    lamb chops massalla
    mixed vegetable kofta??
    chicken biryani
    peas pilao
    tandoori naan bread
    mango, hot and mint chutneys and cucumber raita

    Cutting of wedding cake.
    dessert – hot gajar halwa and kulfi a choice from mango or almond.

    kashmiri tea – pink tea.

    Its quite difficult to plan the menu for this date.
    i think i need to add a veg to the main meal for the engagement?
    im not very sure about te main day. i could serve two of the starters as canapes, and the lamb on skewers just as part of the main meal.???? / :
    don’t know.!
    the wedding day menu is tooo traditionall???
    it has some of my favourites for the wedding, but not sure if the entire combination is right.
    The lamb will be ‘carved’ and prepared by a professional. I think the whole lamb leg dinner for each table will be better, a ‘carver’ carving it completely, and then serving up on plates at each table.

  3. posted by Salam on Mar 18, 2013

    I’m not sure how to shape the samosas in to triangles

  4. posted by Chester on Mar 18, 2013

    I am visitng Delhi for first time..Can somebody suggest some places where i can get good south indian food,some good dance programmes or caberets..

  5. posted by BRUTE on Mar 18, 2013


  6. posted by Chris R on Mar 18, 2013

    i dont want to buy the seeds when i already have a jar of ground, cos its just for one recipe
    @ twiggy – its an indian dish called Rajmak Lababdar. Its mainly kidney beans and tomatoes and uses loads of spices.

  7. posted by stingerms on Mar 19, 2013

    Choley Bhature
    Daal Kachori
    Dahi Vada
    Masala Dosa
    Sev Puri
    Aloo Bonda
    Aloo Chaat
    Aloo Tikki
    Bread Pakora
    Bhel Puri
    Pani Puri
    Matar Chaat
    Paneer Pakora
    Paneer Tikka
    Pao Bhaji
    Vegetable Pakora
    Ragada Patties

  8. posted by Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag on Mar 19, 2013

    Does anyone have a unique recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds? My step-mom uses tons of seasonings but I can’t remember what they are. I want something with a little more flavor than just salt. Any suggestions??

  9. posted by kass9191 on Mar 19, 2013

    I am an american that has never even tasted Indian food but really want to make something that someone special to me will like. Help I don’t even know what it is supposed to taste like.

  10. posted by Only Business on Mar 19, 2013

    I need the recipe for Sweet Dahi Vada and Malai khaja.please help! thanks!

  11. posted by Roflcopter on Mar 20, 2013


    Guys there’s the menu. I’d like to mention that IM strictly interested in Chicken. Thus please recommend a plate, then provide the pronunciation if possible. BTW: I love spicy food :)

  12. posted by joevsyou on Mar 20, 2013

    what r some really quick simple easy Pakistani/Indian snacks that one can make when a guest comes over?

  13. posted by Disrae on Mar 21, 2013

    Basmati rice with chicken and spices…My ex boyfriends mom was from pakistan and she made delicious palao, I want to replicate it because it was so yummy! Any recipes or tips on making the perfect palao please let me know!

  14. posted by Cpt Excelsior on Mar 21, 2013

    We had this as an appetizer. It was basically 3 large balls covered with a thin liquidy yogurt. I can’t remember if the balls were cheese, potatoes, or chickpeas, but it was something bland like one of those three things. The yogurt was white and it was very liquidy. Then they topped it with the brown sweet sauce and red pepper powder.

    I ate this about 2 years ago at a restaurant in New York, and I have not been able to find anything like it. Please help because I have basically been craving this for the last 2 years!

  15. posted by nmlpc on Mar 21, 2013

    i know u will answer this type of questions ..

  16. posted by simply complicated on Mar 21, 2013

    In the United States, Indian restaurants tend to classify their food into North and South Indian Food. Is this a fair categorization? How would you categorize the food of India?

  17. posted by evil chevy on Mar 21, 2013

    I would like to make a yummy vegetarian curry from scratch tonight. Including making the paste too. Please give me your best recipe.

  18. posted by Thomas A on Mar 21, 2013

    I’m tired of running to the store for every little thing. How do you make really good vegan butter and mayo?

  19. posted by unbleevable39 on Mar 21, 2013

    I have had a go my self, but never seems to come out quite right. I get the sauce consistency ok, sometimes a bit to runny, the hotness is usally just right, but the flavour isn’t that great. I usually start of adding vegetable oil, then frying some onions until golden, then adding some crushed garlic, small green pepper, ginger and frying that, then adding abit of corienda, cumin, turmeric and some chilly powder putting it in a bowl adding bit of water and adding it to the rest of the ingredients in the frying pan then next adding some chicken and sealing it, then adding tomatoes that I’ve pureed, letting it cook for a bit occasionally adding water, then adding bit of garam masala, some corienda leaves and then seasoning and serving, but it never tastes right. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong. I was wondering if anyone had any good Indian or Pakistani curry recipe, something I can use with any meat or vegetable just a curry sauce or past recipe.


  20. posted by Beavis on Mar 21, 2013

    Italian ice cream


    marks and spencers lunches

    mexican nachos or fajitas

    indian dahi vadas and samosas, pan puri, chaats

    hummus and falafal

    crepes and croissonts

    danish pastries

    german hot dogs

    moroccon tangine and couscous

    dim sum and mimosas

    candy floss and hot donuts

    cinnamon or chocolate dipped churros

    smors-open faced sandwiches with meat/cheese


  21. posted by Mc L on Mar 21, 2013

    Goa Sausage is a subtle blend of the traditional Portuguese Sausage and spices from Goa. Made from choice pork portions mixed with freshly ground spices, pickled, smoked and then cured for that distinct taste.

  22. posted by Jeff on Mar 22, 2013


  23. posted by Adam on Mar 22, 2013

    the dahiwadas i make always turn hard.also what ingredients to put in the dahi

  24. posted by Brian on Mar 22, 2013

    I would like somthing mild and would like to use tomatoes, peppers and onions along with spices to make it taste good. I am looking for a recipe I can use here at home and process in glass jars. I have about 20 lbs of tomatoes.

  25. posted by Keaton on Mar 22, 2013

    I love tomatoes, cilantro. I love the new mango salsa! I need recipe for both. I prefer mild. Due to stupid IBS/IBM. It has to be mild recipe. With some twang to it! Not to dull! Give details, brand names you use and trust. Canola oil/Safflower oil/Sunflower seed oil is a no-no. I am allergic to those. Not tomatoe seeds!
    To hard to decide! Up for Vote!

  26. posted by PillowMan1234 on Mar 22, 2013

    Along with spices I mix mashed potatoes,fried onions and flour then fry,but it tends to be very hit and miss.Any suggestions?

  27. posted by skychi99 on Mar 22, 2013

    PLEASE do NOT give recipes using prepackaged spices, etc., as I might not be able to find them. I need a detailed spices and ingredients list, even more than the cooking directions themselves.

  28. posted by Kevin on Mar 23, 2013

    No fried chicken or cachiatori recipes please.

  29. posted by Jose B on Mar 23, 2013

    Hi everyone, i am planning on doing a 6 month gastronomical tour of India, focusing state by state, on the various delicacies. If you can help me to organize (a bit) my ideas by state, i would very much appreciate that.

    Already, i got it started, by I’m afraid i have made some mistakes? Please excuse me if I upset any dietary beliefs.

    tamil nadu: payasam, idli with coconut chutney, vadas, appams, uttappams, paniyaram, masala dosa, upma, lemon, tomato, coconut rice, upperi –

    kerala meen pullichathu, molee, nendraparam, puttu, chemeen, tharavu, avial – fried quail – sweet coconut tube – lentil donut, (kerlana breakfast: peas cocunut base, chutney)

    karnakata – holige – kolumbu –

    hyderabad: pachidi – kurma pulusu – sabudana uthapam-

    goa : caldeen, bebinca, xacuti, sanna,dodol, bathique, chicken cafrae,

    maharashtra: kao gali (falooda)

    rajastan murg ko khato, mawa ladoo, churma, mawa samosa, mawa kachori, dahi kachar, rasgulla, ghewar, mint chutney, mirchi pakora, suji helwa, besan halwa, safed maas, chach drink

    uttarpradesh: peitha, gajak
    dehli: mughalai

    I don’t know where to put the following?
    eat: kotoo roti – sabudana kheer – kesar lassi – khus sharbat – nimbu pani – rooh afza – chandan – kathal – kesari phirni – gatta currey – kadhi – malai kofta – paneer makhani – gajar ka halwa – gulab jamun – kesar phirni – panna – chhana, jaal jeera, badam, bhelpuri, bhajia, cheiku, kulcha, kulfi, palak paneer, methi malai, jaal jeera drink, paw paw fruit, vada doughnuts, kachori –


    west bengal hills:: rashmi kabab, alu dum

    uttarchand: chandrakala


    kashmir: eat: alu dum, dom kukur, alu bokhara korma, lotus (in yogurt) –

    orissa: eat:saag bhaja – aloo poshto
    madhya pradesh:

    Again, I don’t know where these go?
    eat: kotoo roti – sabudana kheer – kesar lassi – khus sharbat – nimbu pani – rooh afza – chandan – kathal – kesari phirni – gatta currey – kadhi – malai kofta – paneer makhani – gajar ka halwa – gulab jamun – kesar phirni – panna – chhana, jaal jeera, badam, bhelpuri, bhajia, cheiku, kulcha, kulfi, palak paneer, methi malai, jaal jeera drink, paw paw fruit, vada doughnuts, kachori –

  30. posted by Benihana on Mar 24, 2013

    I love indian food!! Its the best!! I belive there is no food in the world like Indian food!! Yea! I am coming to India in April and am visiting New Delhi so please help me out to find the best Indian resturants in town, I dont care if it North Indian, south indian, Gujrati, marthi or any other type of indian food I am missing out on.

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