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Nuvita Biscuits

  1. posted by Smashing Pumpkins on Feb 5, 2013

    I want to make mandazi and I have sucesfully made it before, this time when I go to fry it however, it doesn’t puff up nicely, it just fries like a chip. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong? The recipe says either yeast or baking powder, this time I used baking powder (i don’t remember what I used last time). Any ideas? also could I save and fix the dough I currently have or do I have to throw it out and start again?

  2. posted by Erin on Mar 16, 2013

    I need info on:
    Food (don’t want recipes)
    For food need specific on veg and non veg

  3. posted by Joey 01 on Mar 21, 2013

    I’m doing a presentation on Kenya and I must bring one Kenyan dish for about 25 students. What is a good dish that is easy to make or buy that American students will like? Something simple.Thanks!

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