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Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake

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The chocolate and hazelnut goodness of Nutella is cleverly used to flavour this speedy milkshake. Ingredients: 3 scoops vanilla ice ...

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Iced Coffee

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Love your coffee? Here’s a cool version to make during the hot weather. Ingredients 4 cups of cold milk ¼ ...

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oatmeal porridge

Perfect Oatmeal Porridge

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Porridge should be creamy (achieved with lots of stirring), but chewy enough to keep it interesting. Try this recipe out ...

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Banana Smoothie

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Hmmmm this is a lovely treat for all the men and ladies in the house of PikaChakula, You are going ...

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BARBECUED WHOLE SNAPPER WITH LIME AND CHILI There’s nothing better than having friends... via @PikaChakula