Rice Bread/ Mkate wa Chila

Nuvita Biscuits

This is another favourite bread in Zanzibar and Mombasa which can be cooked in a traditional way as to soak rice in for overnight. Well there are two versions of chila one is a dry flat bread which has sugar added to it which is similar to the recipe below. The second version is the most authentic one, once the bread is cooked a tablespoon of tui iliyopikwa na sukari na hiliki – cooked coconut milk which has been sweetened with sugar and cardamom is drizzled on top & they are also called Vibibi. However; instead of going through the troubles of soaking rice overnight, you can use rice flour which can be found in any convenient stores.

1 cup of ground rice flour
1/2 cup of sugar
3 tablespoons of coconut powder
1 egg white (You can use a whole egg)
1 teaspoon of yeast
1-2 teaspoons of ground cardamom
1 1/2 cup of warm water.
Optional : few drops of Vanilla essence or rose essence (Arki ya rosi)

Mix the rice flour, yeast, cardamom ,coconut powder and sugar in a bowl. Using a hand held mixer add the egg and water slowly to the dry ingredients. Let the mixture stay in a warm area till it rises.

Once the mixture has doubled in size. Heat a small nonstick round saucepan on medium heat. Spray a little cooking oil and wipe it off. (You are only doing this to make sure that the bread doesnt stick to the pan ). Stir the mixture, it’s consistency will be like of pancake batter and using a ladle pour the mixture and tilt the saucepan till it spreads out evenly. Then cover the saucepan with a covering this allows the holes to form on the bread. Once you notice the bread is browning underneath and there are alot of holes the bread is ready to be removed.
Now when you remove the bread you have to stack them in a special manner.You can see the image below.



source: http://goodeatingscunadiiwacnayd.blogspot.com/2009/08/chila-rice-flatbread.html

Recipe Comments

  1. posted by Coffee t on Mar 18, 2013

    I just found out I have a yeast allergy. I know I can have corn bread, banana breads, etc. But I’m looking for something more along the lines of flat bread of something I could have a sandwich on.

  2. posted by Matt on Mar 22, 2013

    I’m looking for a basic bread recipe.. no eggs.. no milk.. just a simple flour, baking powder/soda, water, yeast type bread.. regular fluffy bread.. rolls are fine too!
    that and a easy recipe for flat bread would be greatly appreciated too..! thank you!

  3. posted by zaclo on Mar 22, 2013

    When you go to subway and order a flat bread they have to toast it. Why is that? I mean, it already looks cooked and they only put it in the toaster for like 30 seconds.

  4. posted by Dr Dorian on Mar 22, 2013

    I am making ropa vieja for dinner tonight and we are having guests. I want to have something good in the way of bread and I think it should be a nice flat bread. Any good recipes that you know of ?

  5. posted by Lasagna delivery guy on Mar 22, 2013

    I went out to eat and ordered hummas and pita bread one day, and the pita bread did not look like the pita I am used to. What I can find in the grocery store of pita bread is a circle of bread that you can cut in half and fill the middle with food.

    This pita bread looked like a thick flat bread (about 3/4″ thick) and it was circular, but it was really soft and had been lightly grilled on both sides.

    Does anyone know what kind of bread this was?

  6. posted by kamikami on Mar 22, 2013

    I was given a recipe the other day for a flat bread that called for one teaspoon of yeast along with the 4 teaspoons of baking powder. The wierd part is that it did not call for any sugar. Isnt sugar what causes the yeast to come alive or to grow?
    I have searched the recipe several times and have not found any others that cal for yeast, any opinions?
    OK thanks for your opinions, it was just curious as to why both the baking powder and the yeast.
    You’ve given good answers, thanks

  7. posted by simply complicated on Mar 23, 2013

    It’s probably something simple.
    This pizza/greek food joint that we went to had THE best pita bread we’ve ever tasted. I dunno what to call it, I guess a flat bread? It came with the souvlaki that we ordered.
    How on earth do you make it? I plan on making some souvlaki this week and really want to give the bread a try as well. Any help would be fantastic :)

  8. posted by PoohBearPenguin on Mar 23, 2013

    the german bread that is very flat and regular bread, is the difference yeast? is german bread truly bread?

  9. posted by Peter on Mar 23, 2013

    is there a caloric difference between there regular bread and the flat bread?

  10. posted by Kevin on Mar 23, 2013

    A footlong BLT on flat bread, with pickles and tomatoes, and mayo. Could someone please tell me how many points that is? Thanks
    Topit are you sure?

  11. posted by Moore, Ron on Mar 24, 2013

    From a vegan to any other vegans out there, I went to The Cheesecake Factory and ordered the white bean hummus and warm flat bread, I am sure the hummus is safe for me to eat but I am a little skeptical about the warm flat bread, is it vegan or is it made with milk, and eggs?

  12. posted by thinkthought on Mar 25, 2013

    Semita (or also known as el salvadoran bread?) i just had this today in the office, and i thought it was so delicious. does anyone by any chance have the recipe to this sweet, flat bread that has a filling in the middle? it’s kinda like two thin pieces of bread with jam in the middle…in the case i had, it was with pineapple. I’ve seen recipes for a more cake-like version, but the one i tries was thin. Thanks!

  13. posted by Oilers on Mar 25, 2013

    Even the flat breads and Naan breads I looked at today in Walmart had yeast in them.
    Where can I buy yeast free bread?

  14. posted by Noe R on Mar 25, 2013

    I am making wheat pita flat bread pizzas for dinner tonight. I would love to put some interesting toppings, sauce, and cheese on them before I put them in the oven. I am not a very avid fan of meat, but I love vegetables!

    Help me out guys!

  15. posted by JDOGG1122 on Mar 25, 2013

    I’m very interested in the art of bread baking. In fact, I’m considering taking it up as my future profession. So far, I’ve made two loaves of ciabatta and one loaf of focaccia. The first ciabatta came out really good, but the second was incredibly yeasty. The focaccia that I made the other day came out exceptionally well, so I’m thinking flat bread could by my specialty. Of course, this is only one loaf we’re talking about, so there’s no way to tell for sure.

    Anyway, now you know all that stuff. I’m looking for a simple, easy bread recipe that a beginner could try. The ciabatta and focaccia are good recipes no doubt, but I’m pretty sure they’re artisan breads, which might be too much right now. Any ideas?

    Oh! Note: I’m only interested in Italian bread. Are there any simple, non-artisan Italian recipes, or are Italian bread recipes only artisan? If so, I could try a different variety. Thanks in advance!
    @ Jeff J: What’s the name of the bread, do you know?

  16. posted by Hannah on Mar 26, 2013

    Answers to prevoius questions indicated that only an egg yoke will work not an egg white. Why?

  17. posted by che-che on Mar 26, 2013

    if you carefully notice the texture of an egg white, its pretty much smooth except for some random clumps of…goo. what are they!? they’re pretty tough in texture.

  18. posted by neighbourly doctor on May 19, 2013


    Unfortunately that recipe was copied from my webpage. Can you please correct it. I really dont understand why people dont accredite the real originator.

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